Patricia L. Laurin
Energy Work Practitioner & Certified RolferĀ®

About Me

I am a Energy Work Practitioner, Certified Rolfer®,  Licensed Esthetician, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner and Certified Body Code Practitioner. I am also certified in Touch for Health and a graduate of Dr. Alberto Villoldo's Energy Medicine training.  The highlights of my energy training are:

Polarity Therapy (1985)

Reflexology (1987)

Cranio-sacral Therapy Dr. John Upledger (1994)

Touch for Health ( 1995, 1996)

Completion Work with Dina Yellen (1996)

Touching Spirit (1998)

Animal Healing taught by Elizabeth K. Stratton (1998)

Lightwork (1999)

Stillpoint School of Advanced Energy Healing  (2001)

Dr. Meredith Young Sowers "Women Moving through Cancer Program", and "Living Your

Life on Purpose" (2002)

 Magnified Healing (2002)

Avesa Quantum Healing, (2006, 2010)

Dr. Alberto Villodo's Energy Medicine Training (July 2022)


I began my massage career in 1987, graduating from the Florida School of Massage in Gainesville, Florida.

I went to the Vermont College of Cosmetology in 2005 and obtained my license as an Esthetician.

In 2010 I began training as a Rolfer at the Rolf Institute in Boulder, Colorado and graduated in 2011. Rolfing is my full time