Patricia L. Laurin
Energy Work Practitioner & Certified RolferĀ®



Rolfing® Structural Integration

is a form of hands on bodywork and movement education that reorganizes the body's connective tissue called fascia.

Fascia permeates the entire body and is a plastic, pliable medium that takes on whatever body patterns one finds oneself most in. Shortened fascia prevents muscles and skeletal structures from moving through thier full range of motion. Rolfing works on many different layers to free up and lengthen these shortened areas as well as educating the body about its new relationship to space and gravity.

Reported benefits of Rolfing include increased range of motion, increased flexibility, more vital life energy, improved co-ordination, improved imageposture and way of moving through life.

Rolfing is classically done in ten sessions. Sessions 1-3 work with organizing the superficial layers of fascia to free up the breath, provide support for the pelvis and torso through the legs and releasing the shoulders and neck. Sessions 4-7 are considered core sessions and work with the deeper layers of connective tissue throughout the body. Sessions 8-10 work with bringing the whole body into balance and harmony with gravity so it can function with ease and grace.


Each person has their own unique history and concerns and sessions are a co-creative process between client and practitioner working together to create your own unique transformation.


What does it mean to be a Rolfer®?

Only practitioners trained at the Rolf Institute® and remaining members in good standing may use the service mark Rolfing®.

 Rolfing® Structural Integration is a brand name.  The proper generic term for Rolfing® is structural integration.  Your physical body is a structure, however, when a Rolfer® says ”structure,” the Rolfer® is not talking only of your physical body.  Structure, to a Rolfer®, is “all of who you are” because your experience, history, beliefs, perceptions, and consciousness, etc., are embodied and expressed in your tissues, movements, and postures.image

Definition:Rolfing® Structural Integration is a transformative process which asks your structure to change how it is organized, balanced, aligned, and integrated (within itself and with gravity).

 Rolfers® and The Rolf Institute® are very different from nearly all other
medical, complimentary, and alternative health practices.  Many people don’t realize that:

•  Rolfers® and The Rolf Institute® maintain a contractual relationship with each other throughout the Rolfer®’s career to maintain the high standards of this work.

•  While many schools these days teach structural integration, The Rolf Institute® is the only organization/school with the legal rights to teach Rolfing® and to train/certify individuals as Rolfers®.

 •  Rolfers® know each other locally, nationally, and worldwide.

•  Rolfers® are Members of The Rolf imageInstitute® and hold voting rights within the organization.

 •  Rolfers®:Do extensive and life-long continuing education; uphold The Rolf Institute®’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice; and maintain themselves as Members In Good Standing on an annual basis.

•  The Rolf Institute® maintains official procedures to investigate and address concerns regarding ethics and standards.