Patricia L. Laurin
Energy Work Practitioner & Certified RolferĀ®

Energy Sessions

Avesa Energy Sessions

The word Avesa literally translates as “Divine Empowerment.”


Attunement to Avesa Energy:

The powerful gift of Avesa energies is available to anyone through a beautiful attunement process. Through an Avesa Quantum session  you can open the door to being more present in your body, mind, spirit, and heart which then expands into your outer life.

 Avesa Quantum Healing opens the chakras to the new Ascended Chakra system which begins at the heart and flows upward into our higher chakras. (The first three chakras are still there to help us maintain our body and even these have an ascended state".)

 Avesa Quantum Healing sessions are done with the client fully clothed and lying on the massage table. Sessions are deeply relaxing, serene and transformative. Give yourself the gift of aligning into your Ascended Chakras! 



In addition, coupling an Avesa Balancing Session with an Illumination-chakra clearing is cutting edge energy work!

Based on the work of Dr. Alberto Villoldo, (Shamanic energy medicine) and many other energy based modalities I have studied, energy balancing  sessions can include chakra clearing, extractions, cord cutting, and soul retrievals.

I am certified in Touching Spirit, a chakra clearing and balancing modality as taught by Elizabeth K. Stratton (Touching Spirit), Meredith Young Sower's Stillpoint Institute for Advanced Energy Healing, Avesa Quantum Healing, the Emotion Code, the Body Code, Touch for Health, and Alberto Villodo's Energy Medicine Training. 

Einstein is credited with saying "Everything is energy and that is all there is to it". Each one of us carries an energetic vibration we radiate within ourselves and then outwardly to the world. On top of that we may develop many personal beliefs about ourselves that are also part of our energetic frequency -both positive and negative. Throughout life we may have encountered deep disappointment, loss, feelings of unworthiness and shame, among others, which can anchor in our energetic field. Once we can identify these frequencies and release them, we free our energy field to become lighter. We are then able to receive more joy, beauty and grace in our lives.


Sessions are $80.00, cash or check only.

Paypal option is $85.00

Contact me at laurin.rolf@gmail.comimage

or by phone:802-299-9410